Dec 27, 2010

Post Christmas Blog

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!

Mine was great, it's a shame how quickly it goes by though.  All of that preparing and waiting for the big day, and then it goes by so fast!  My fav part of Christmas has to be giving everyone their gifts!

D and I had a great first xmas in the new house together.  Our pets had a ball too!  They got spoiled with tons of toys and treats... and catnip!  Our newest kitty, who was a stray that was hanging around outside in the summer, must have been the happiest cat in the world.  It was so funny watching him play with his new toys and rolling around in delight.  Something he had never experienced before I guess!

How did you spend your Christmas? What did you get!?

footnote:  i wish i had a chance to take some proper photos with a camera that wasn't my phone camera. ;p

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