Jan 27, 2011


Been really busy lately with a bunch of projects, but I wanted to showcase some of my recently reworked images here!  These are new versions of some of my older shots, which I happen to like heaps better:

Jan 20, 2011

Etsy Favs of The Week

Set of 2 Pretty Little Clipboard Picture Frame by QueenvannaCreations
I thought this was such a cute and unique way to display photographs!

Rabbit Apple Tabby OOAK by Holli
LOVE this!!!  The cutest little figurine ever.

Custom Beach Wedding Cake Topper by Lollipopworkshop
Need to get myself one of these! Perfect for a beach wedding!

Merry Go Round 8x8 Print by ThisYearsGirl
I adore ThisYearsGirl's photo editing work.  This is surreal!

Forever Premium Hand-hammered DDOTS Greeting Card by Ddots
Love the effect these hand punched dots make!

Jan 18, 2011

wedding belle?

D and I have been contemplating this whole wedding thing lately, and think August 1st would be a great date since that is the date we first met each other.  It also happens to be in the summer, which would be perfect because we wanted an outdoor wedding, possibly by the beach.

We've been engaged for over a year now, and really, I'm not all that excited for a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I loooooooooove the guy and can't wait to be married to him (I would do it today if I could), it just seems like so much hassle to have an actual wedding.  I do want my family there though, and some sort of celebration would be nice.  I probably just have to start getting into planning mode and the excitement will come on it's own!

All I know is that when the day does come, it will be a small intimate event with lots and lots of turquoise!

Jan 17, 2011

Project ReStyle: Week Three!

As a part of the Project ReStyle endeavor, here is my third submission! I decided to do a bit of a random project tonight.  I had this old wooden frame that I wanted to do something with... but I wasn't sure what.  While working in my office, I kept looking over at the empty wall space beside my desk thinking I really needed a bulletin board there! So I hopped right to it...

I grabbed this big piece of styrofoam that was sitting in my garage from a recent purchase:

Then, I traced around the inside of the frame and cut the styrofoam to fit.  I used a kitchen bread knife to cut it.

After the mess was cleaned up, I wrapped the whole piece of styrofoam in saran wrap so that all of the little particle things wouldn't get everywhere:

I had this piece of vintage fabric from a sheet that was the perfect size!  I wrapped it around the front (flat side) of the styrofoam and secured it with packing tape on the back.

Then all I had to do was grab my frame, pop it in, secure it with a couple of small nails and VOILA! New bulletin board :)

A quick and easy project and a great way to use a piece of old styrofoam instead of having it end up in a landfill somewhere. What do you think? Leave a comment below :)

Jan 14, 2011

Oh, Valentine...

Some sweet treats for your love! Special gifts for Valentines Day!

Love 5x7 Print by me
Sexy Love Coupon Book by thespottedsparrow

Valentines Day Hello Love Vintage Upcycled 3 Inch Hoop by thecareerscrapper

Valentine 5x5 Print by me

I Love You in Skywriting - Customizable by raceytay

Amis Des Bois art print by matilou

Jan 12, 2011

Project ReStyle: Week Two!

As a part of the Project ReStyle endeavor, here is my second submission! This chair was in my family for as long as I can remember, and it was always hideous.  It had the ugliest forest green velvet make-do seat on it, and was not even usable due to a broken frame. This picture was taken after I furiously ripped off the old nasty seat, and spent about 2 hours fixing the frame so it was sturdy once again. 

After sanding and painting, it needed a new seat.  I grabbed whatever cushioning I could find, and created this one with some super cute fabric that was stolen from a wrap sweater I once created.  Nail head studs were added to finish it all off.

This old chair now has a fresh outlook on life, and will last twice as long.  Not only does it look cute and fit my decor, but I can actually SIT IN IT!


Jan 9, 2011

Etsy Favs of The Week

This week, I found a few items that would make great gifts for a special someone or your Valentine! They are all so different, but all so lovely!

The Way You Think by vol25

TOTORO Teak Wood Box Studio Ghibli doll figure toy 46 by cuteart

One Little Cotton Candy by scrumptiousdelight

Birch Bark and Moss Sun Flower with Love tag by NHWoodcreations

Jan 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Stephanie Powell, the new winner of my CocoShack photo giveaway!  Stephanie won her choice of four prints from my shop, which included: Make A Wish, Light My Path, October Snowfall and Fall Two!

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all of your support :).  Now, off to enjoy the weekend!!!

Jan 5, 2011

Project ReStyle: Week One!

As a part of the Project ReStyle endeavor, here is my first submission!  I acquired some french provincial style chairs from a second hand shop with a goal in mind... to make a kitchen dining set like this super expensive Italian custom made one, only much much cheaper:

There were six chairs in total, all upholstered with a dated white/pink fabric and painted an off-white colour.  I decided to "Restyle" four of the six chairs, as that would be all I needed.  I still have two left to use my creativity on!  To start this project, I had to rip the old fabric off. Thankfully, the cushioning underneath was in great shape, so I was able to reuse it when reupholstering it.  I painted the wood a deep purple colour before adding the new fabric.  I finished the cushions off with a nice gimp trim to match.

Here is how it all turned out, before and after:

I opted for a funkier green checkerboard pattern fabric as opposed to the expensive green leather in the above example.  I love it as it gives the chairs a bit more of a "custom" (almost Alice in Wonderland) feel!  I grabbed a second hand solid oak table to match, and did a little paint magic on it. 

Check back next week for another Restyle project! p.s. there is still ONE MORE DAY to enter my photo giveaway!!!

Jan 4, 2011

Everyone Loves to Save!

I've created a special Etsy coupon code for all of you blog followers! Just use code COCOBLOG at checkout when you're visiting my shop to save 20% off anything!!!


Jan 3, 2011

Etsy Favs of The Week

Knitted Pincushion Cupcakes! How cute are these? by handylittleme

 Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar! by QueenvannaCreations

Wooden Doily Coasters by uncommon

Cream Moon Bun! I have two of these and LOVE them :) by moonscreations

Jan 2, 2011

The CocoShack...

A small glimpse into the room I create in...

Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year... and continue to have one the whole  year through!