Dec 4, 2010

what to do in a world of snow...

Well, winter has arrived!  Or shall I say, returned.  It made a brief stop in my town a couple of months ago in October, where it was not so happily accepted and told to come back at a more admissible time.  So here it is, trying again and doing it's thing.  It brought a nice foot or so of snow along with it, which I guess I should have been more prepared for as my driveway currently sits underneath it. Now I'm in a rush to find a snowblower because this shovel business just isn't working too well with a driveway made of gravel.

I attempted to go to the local Christmas craft show today, but wimped out once I started driving on the slippery roads.  They weren't really that bad, but it's the slushy layer of slippery snow that scares me away.  Probably because I rolled my car down a ditch a few years back driving on the damn stuff and have a constant "Caution" sign blinking in the back of my head every time I drive on it now.  Bummer, because I really wanted to check out the show and see what everyone was offering.  I hope I can start doing craft shows again one day and wanted to check out the scene beforehand.

So instead of enjoying the snow today, I stayed inside, wrapped up some Christmas gifts, and tried to get the house in order for my 1st annual Christmas party next weekend!  Oh the fun things we can do in this new house :) I can't wait!

How are you spending your December weekends?

Favourite photo of the moment, Vintage Story II by Natalie French:

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