Jan 5, 2011

Project ReStyle: Week One!

As a part of the Project ReStyle endeavor, here is my first submission!  I acquired some french provincial style chairs from a second hand shop with a goal in mind... to make a kitchen dining set like this super expensive Italian custom made one, only much much cheaper:

There were six chairs in total, all upholstered with a dated white/pink fabric and painted an off-white colour.  I decided to "Restyle" four of the six chairs, as that would be all I needed.  I still have two left to use my creativity on!  To start this project, I had to rip the old fabric off. Thankfully, the cushioning underneath was in great shape, so I was able to reuse it when reupholstering it.  I painted the wood a deep purple colour before adding the new fabric.  I finished the cushions off with a nice gimp trim to match.

Here is how it all turned out, before and after:

I opted for a funkier green checkerboard pattern fabric as opposed to the expensive green leather in the above example.  I love it as it gives the chairs a bit more of a "custom" (almost Alice in Wonderland) feel!  I grabbed a second hand solid oak table to match, and did a little paint magic on it. 

Check back next week for another Restyle project! p.s. there is still ONE MORE DAY to enter my photo giveaway!!!


  1. holy amazing batman!! did you do this just this week?!? i'm already slacking...

  2. Oh my goodness ... this is so, so beautiful. Can you come and restyle my house please? ;) x

  3. Thank you both! Kelly, I did it a little while ago but thought it would be a good start to my new creations to come in the next few weeks :)

  4. Wow, great job! It looks so professional.

  5. thats gorgeous!!! i love it! xo