Jan 17, 2011

Project ReStyle: Week Three!

As a part of the Project ReStyle endeavor, here is my third submission! I decided to do a bit of a random project tonight.  I had this old wooden frame that I wanted to do something with... but I wasn't sure what.  While working in my office, I kept looking over at the empty wall space beside my desk thinking I really needed a bulletin board there! So I hopped right to it...

I grabbed this big piece of styrofoam that was sitting in my garage from a recent purchase:

Then, I traced around the inside of the frame and cut the styrofoam to fit.  I used a kitchen bread knife to cut it.

After the mess was cleaned up, I wrapped the whole piece of styrofoam in saran wrap so that all of the little particle things wouldn't get everywhere:

I had this piece of vintage fabric from a sheet that was the perfect size!  I wrapped it around the front (flat side) of the styrofoam and secured it with packing tape on the back.

Then all I had to do was grab my frame, pop it in, secure it with a couple of small nails and VOILA! New bulletin board :)

A quick and easy project and a great way to use a piece of old styrofoam instead of having it end up in a landfill somewhere. What do you think? Leave a comment below :)


  1. Fantastic project! The end result looks great, and you can never have too many pin boards! Have bookmarked for future reference :)